7 Life Changing Benefits of Setting Career Goals

By ciqmanager / September 9, 2010

By John Groth

Has your career stalled? Don’t have a clear view of your future? You could do your job in your sleep? Maybe you should develop a written career plan with clearly set out goals. If you have a career plan, with a focus of something to aim for, something to work for, a method to measure progress you’ll discover a variety of positive results.

upward-trajectoryThere is one thing you must do before starting your journey. Write down your career goals. It can’t be emphasized to much that your career goals must be written. They must be measurable and reachable. Don’t try to jump the Grand Canyon in one leap. Keep the career goals in a series of smaller steps. If you plan on reading, for example, 120 books in the next five years, that’s two a month. Make your objective in your career plan to read two books a month. This is much easier to achieve and keep score.

Don’t forget to add a fitness component to the career plan. How is your fitness level? See your doctor and then get started. A physically fit person, knows their increased concentration and endurance will allow them to perform their job at a higher level. Don’t neglect this aspect of your career plan.

Also, when you draft up your career goals, concentrate on the top three to five objectives. Write them on a card. Put a copy in your check book, on the visor in your car. Write them out on your laptop or computer screen saver so every time you turn on your computer you read the career goals.

Setting career goals can provide you with the following series of benefits all which will help you grow and grow your career.

1. Career goals will give you a focus, a picture of where you want to be. With this picture firmly set in your mind, you will find ways to move toward your objective.

2. Making progress toward a goal can be a big motivator. As you reach each milestone it provides you with the motivation to keep going, to keep improving.

3. Success comes to those who set career goals. Once you begin working toward a written goal you have set the picture of the planned result in your mind and you will set aside the time and put forth the effort to reach the goal.

4. Your confidence will increase as each step in your career goal is reached. Building on this confidence will give you the effort required to work at and reach the next in your career plan.

5. Each time we set a goal and reach it we grow as a person. This allows us to build on our knowledge and experience base to reach farther.

6. Reaching career and personal goals will develop one of the most important attitudes that measure success. As you become more confident, you will become more positive. You view of the future will be more assured and this confident attitude will attract more positive people to you and more positive things will happen to you.

7. With one of your career goals to improve your level of fitness, as you become more fit, your enjoyment of the world around you will grow. Your ability, on occasion, to work longer hours will not sap your endurance. You’ll be able to do things in your off hours that will add spice to your life. You’ll have more balance in your life and this will lead to even more interesting adventures.

So the benefits of setting career goals are they give you a focus, they generate motivation, they develop success, they increase confidence, they allow you to grow as a person, they build a positive attitude and they bring a balance and enjoyment into your life.

Now is the best time to start your career planning. With written career goals you too will begin experiencing these seven important life long benefits.

John Groth is a former HR executive and career coach. Find Career Planning Ideas,valuable articles and a free seven day career planning guide. Discover up to date career and recruitment strategies at our career idea blog; all to assist you in advancing and planning your career.

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