About Me

I am Kim Davis and live on the sunny Gold Coast in Australia. The purpose of this site is to help you on your journey to find and develop a satisfying career. To help them you know yourself, what you want to do, and then to hunt down perfect job.

Job satisfaction survey results vary from finding 45% of US workers are satisfied or extremely satisfied with their jobs (Harris Interactive), to Salary.com’s finding of 15% being extremely satisfied. Regardless of how to reconcile these figures, what I know is, if you are miserable in your job, it effects the rest of your life.

My interest in career development comes from my own experiences as a job seeker and employee. Some good, some not so good.

There were many times I would have been glad of some guidance. Someone to ask – how do I write a resume that doesn’t make me sound like a dweeb? How do I prepare for a job interview? How can I get a promotion when everyone seems to know the rules of some game I don’t know how to play. Looking back, what was missing, was some kind of strategy.

I didn’t really know enough about myself. If I had, I would have known that the public service was not a good fit for instance. I remember doing an expensive and supposedly well validated career assessment only to be told the only occupations I was suited for were as a mime artist or puppeteer. This was probably the result of my very diverse interests and strengths.

I have degrees in Business Administration and Multimedia and a Masters degree in e Learning. As you might have guessed, I love to learn, ok so maybe I am even a nerd.I am neither an artistic sort of person exclusively, nor a typically logical person. I love art, design and music together with Internet programming and business. I am both a people person and a “locked up with my computer and loving it” person

I have studied NLP and human behaviour extensively and avidly. For those who don’t know, NLP (neuro linguistic programming) looks at the strategies people use to make their way in the world and communicate with themselves and other beings. It looks at the structure of our thinking, and how we create our reality. It is an incredibly powerful tool for developing skills and getting what is important to us.

More importantly, it is a tool to discover self. I always envied kids at school who knew what they “wanted to be” from the time they were 10. I could never quite come to terms with what I liked to do having anything to do with a being anything. I couldn’t quite match it up. OK so I love creating things, but also organizing things. I am great at seeing the big picture, but I am also excellent with details. This doesn’t add up to a label. Another career counsellor told me after a half day of testing that I “could do anything I put my mind to” – THAT’s NOT WHAT I WANTED TO KNOW!!!! ahhhh