Career Search

3 Keys to Adjust Your Career Search to the Tough Economy

By Hallie Crawford

There’s gloom and doom everywhere regarding the economy, especially in the media. This can make it especially difficult to focus on conducting an effective job search . Let’s be real – the economy will have an effect on your career search. It is tougher to find jobs, but not everything is as bad as the media makes it out to be. There ARE jobs out there and there ARE opportunities for you.

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Career Search Tip – How to Locate and Harvest Your Sweet Spots

By Nina Ham

“Sweet Spot: a place where a combination of factors suggests a particularly suitable solution or direction.” (Wikipedia)

When mid-life women come to me for career search assistance, they already have a wealth of experience in the work world: a bank of skills, well-tested knowledge of work environments and structures that work – or don’t work – for them.

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Career Search Engines – 3 Hot Career Sites

By Michael Lee

Career search engines have taken job hunting to a whole new level. Back in the day, job hopefuls had to make a personal appearance just to submit their resume. They had to look at the classified ads section of the paper to find out which companies had an opening or what kinds of jobs were available. Even then, not everything was listed.

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