Career Tests

Different kinds of career tests available.

The MBTI ® Personality Test

The MBTI explains differences in behavior from different ways we use our minds. It is a popular career test used by employers.  Some employers use it to categorize people, but it can be useful to make sure an obviously wrong personality doesn’t get an unsuitable job. For instance if a job could be very stressful if it needed a very detailed person and you are better with the big picture.

It doesn’t tell you who you “really” are. Many job seekers find taking the test helpful in choosing a career they would enjoy. Continue reading

ESTJ is Practical Implementation, Realistic, Logical, Decisive

Extrovert – Sensing – Thinking – Judging

ESTJs are great being in charge, and getting things done. They love order, structure, “the rules”, authority, efficiency and details. They are down to earth, practical, responsible, objective and decisive. They like to be in charge and are outgoing, sociable, friendly and dependable. They are logical and analytical. Continue reading

ESFJ – Loyal, Action Oriented, Warmhearted, Conscientious

Extrovert – Sensing – Feeling – Judging

The ESFJ pattern creates a practical, warm, reliable, organized, conscientious, and cooperative orientation. They have a strong desire to help other people and maintain relationships. They deal with social ties in practical ways and notice the details of what people need. They have a strong sense of duty and commitment. Continue reading

ENTJ – Frank, Like to Lead, Logical, Decisive

Extroverted – Intuiting – Thinking – Judging

The ENTJ’s are competent, confident, independent, intelligent logical and decisive. They have natural leadership in the sense of most people’s thinking on what leadership traits make this up. They like (and mostly need) to be in charge and improve systems and situations. Continue reading

INTJ is Independent, Original, Quick, Organized

Introvert – Intuiting – Thinking – Judging

The INTJ is the most independent pattern of all the MBTI®types. The originality of their thinking and ideas, their insight and vision, together with the judging need for closure make them good strategic thinkers and brainstormers. The difference between an INTJ and an INTP is the drive to actually implement their ideas and achieve their goals. They have great capacity to seize opportunities. Continue reading