Career Goals

The Importance of Career Goal Setting

By Victor Ghebre

A career goal is a great tool in your hand to manage your career effectively. A career goal is like a compass on a dark and endless ocean and it guides your progress in the proper direction. Without a compass, you would be lost in the high seas. Similarly, without a proper career goal, you would be lost in the world of jobs and will find yourself unable to reach your full potential.

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7 Life Changing Benefits of Setting Career Goals

By John Groth

Has your career stalled? Don’t have a clear view of your future? You could do your job in your sleep? Maybe you should develop a written career plan with clearly set out goals. If you have a career plan, with a focus of something to aim for, something to work for, a method to measure progress you’ll discover a variety of positive results.

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Setting Career Objectives – 9 Steps to Achieve Career Goals

By Elizabeth Conley

How to Set Career Objectives & Achieve Career Goals

Many people find that the pressures of juggling with work, family and everyday life means that our career goals and career plans are more difficult to achieve than we had hoped. Well-intended resolutions such as setting up new career objectives are soon given up.

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