Career Path

Death of the Career Path

By Shawn Driscoll

Back in the mid 1990’s as an HR Manager, I noticed that the conventional career path was a dying concept. Lifetime employment was an artifact. Lateral moves became the new way to advance your career. And downsizings were a constant threat.

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How to Find a Career Path That Fits You

By Adrian Klaphaak

You have a career path that fits. Everyone does. A path that fits is the direction in your life and career that aligns your innate strengths, values, and purpose to create a positive difference in the world. You also have a unique way of living and being on your path that maximizes your potential and effectiveness. Being on your path isn’t just about what you do but also how you do it.

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Career Planning – Are You Following a Planned Career Path or Simply a Series of Jobs?

By John Groth

Successfully managing your own career is critical for your financial and personal well being. Yet it is rarely pursued on a strategic or informed basis. Career planning, particularly in the technology field, is more and more the responsibility of the individual. Particularly, since most people today end up working for many employers. The overall basis for more successful career management includes developing career plans that are applicable at different stages in your career.

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