What Are Your Career Training Options?

By James Copper

The economy is in a recession, unemployment is on the rise, companies are consolidating, and the number of new jobs being created are few and far between. Career training has always been an important tool for helping further your job skills, but it may now be a necessity more than an option. The current employment market is demanding the best of the best, and having the appropriate career training can help place you in that top category.

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Career Training – Who’s Responsible?

By John Groth

Who’s responsible for your career training and advancing the learning necessary to grow your career?

You’re currently working but who is responsible for your career training? You need to stay current or you’ll be left behind. Changes in the technical arena are coming fast and furious. And many of these changes are causing jobs and career fields to be modified sometimes beyond recognition. So you need to on top of the newest and latest or your career and livelihood could be in jeopardy.

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Advanced Career Training – Pluses and Minuses

By John Groth

Advancing your career with additional training; consider both sides.

There is one basic reason to consider advanced career training. That is the reason to further and grow your current career. Whether your advanced training is in the medical, management, technology or some other field the main factor behind your decision is to advance your career.

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Career Training? Why Do You Need It?

By Roy Thomsitt

For people who are serious about their career, continuous career training is essential. The more professional their career, the more important career training is. Lawyers need to be up to date with the law, doctors need to be up to date with medical knowledge and treatments, and computer systems analysts need to keep track of all developments in the computer world, and in that of their particular markets; their careers demand it, otherwise they become incompetent. Continue reading