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Many in demand careers didn't exist 10 years ago. Search Engine Optimization consultants, Information Architects, Social Media experts, YouTube chicken dancers – who knew?

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An expanding baby boomer and retired population means more free time. Compared to past workers, many retirees are extremely well off after years of retirement planning. The hospitality and leisure sectors are expanding to meet this demand. Great news for… Continue reading

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Careers in information, particularly Internet related are exploding. We are drowning in a sea of information that needs to be gathered, integrated and interpreted.

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Business and technology continues to expand and become more complex. You can find many career opportunities in these areas, particularly in how they are integrated together.

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Between now and the year 2014, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 30 percent of all new US jobs will come from healthcare and educational services. Demand for healthcare workers particularly is booming.