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Career Malfunction – Four Reasons Why College Grads Land Up in Unsatisfying Careers

By ciqmanager / September 8, 2010

By Surajit Ray

The urban working class in India is generally a dissatisfied lot. Most graduates just out of college choose careers that do not suit their temperament at all. Career counselling is treated in a frivolous manner in most colleges and the end result is that the graduates come out none the wiser about their true talents. So why is this the case? What goes wrong in our system of education which makes possible these huge numbers of misfits?

wrong-wayLack of talent development, earlier in the education cycle.

In schools across in India talent development is not a priority. Most students get the one-size-fits-all treatment in their schools. They are disciplined to behave like foot soldiers in some local war. Their independent natures are willfully suppressed under the pretext of teaching good behavior. The result is that talents are forgotten or lost in these formative years. Every student starts looking like a photocopy of another.

Strong parental pressure to get a “job”

In most sections of Indian society, parents play a vital role in career selection. However this effect becomes a negative one when they start insisting that their wards get a “job” as soon as possible. Part of the reason for doing this maybe lack of money/resources within the family. However most importantly, a lot of the parents feel that getting a job and having a family with two or more kids is life’s purpose served! This leads to the unhealthy situation where the wards get into jobs too quick without understanding their own talents.

Peer pressure to be performers in certain select fields

In most colleges their is a mad scramble at the beginning of every new batch. The scramble is for the best departments within the colleges. These departments are usually the ones which provide the highest paying jobs at the end of three to four years of college education. Thus there exists an immense peer pressure to, at first get into these coveted departments and then to stay at the top end of the ranks within these departments.

General reluctance to pursue “non-standard” careers.

Most college grads do get an opportunity once in a while to pursue the career of their choice. But very few muster up the courage to take to the “non-standard” careers as their parents would term them. Such “tainted” careers may even consist of sports related work! Working in charitable funds is looked upon as a non-deserving career in certain affluent sections of society. Such dated mindsets make the choice of a suitable career almost an impossible task.

The general feeling among college leaving grads in India, is to quickly get into the few notable “grooves”. Management is one such groove and so is engineering and medicine. The net effect is that we have a vast number of the working masses malfunctioning in their respective jobs!

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Surajit Ray is an avid art and handicraft enthusiast. He works with rural and indigenous artists from various parts of India. He likes creating customized art pieces for discerning buyers.

Surajit is also interested in coding in Java and for the Android platform. His main interests are in the realm of machine learning and simulated neural networks. He is a strong supporter of the open source software concept and works with the various open source groups in Delhi, India.

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