Job Interview – How Your Body Language Can Affect Your Interview

By Gordon Petten

After re-structuring your resume, spending hours on employment search engines, sending out dozens of applications and speaking to several potential employers in a telephone interview – you have finally scored the ultimate – a job interview! All you have to do is to walk in there and wow them with your impressive list of skills and achievements. Right? Not so fast. Did you know that your body can betray you? Body language, all those jitters and gestures, can convey an impression that you may not want to convey. Here are some things you may want to watch for: Continue reading

Career Malfunction – Four Reasons Why College Grads Land Up in Unsatisfying Careers

By Surajit Ray

The urban working class in India is generally a dissatisfied lot. Most graduates just out of college choose careers that do not suit their temperament at all. Career counselling is treated in a frivolous manner in most colleges and the end result is that the graduates come out none the wiser about their true talents. So why is this the case? What goes wrong in our system of education which makes possible these huge numbers of misfits?

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