Tips To Improve Your Career Advancement Opportunities

By ciqmanager / September 9, 2010
Career Advancement

By Tony Jacowski

One of the methods to improve your career advancement opportunities and to reach a level higher than your competitors is to put in more effort and do your homework.

You may have noticed that a majority of the people switch careers make somewhere around six to ten career adjustments. This is the main reason that you need to identify career advancement opportunities. You should make it a point to be certain that your employer is conscious of the fact that you are looking for career advancement.

Career AdvancementThe most appropriate time for you to consider pursuing a new job is when you feel that your present position does not have much to offer and is not all that challenging. In this case, what you could do is keep your eyes open for higher level positions with your current employer.

Unfortunately, if there are no career advancement opportunities in your current place of work, you could start by trying to find a new job somewhere else.

Here are a few ways to search out new career opportunities:

Take On More Tasks or Extra Work

One of the best ways to make it clear that you’re looking for more responsibilities is by taking on more tasks or extra work and lending your hand to other groups, or departments. This is a good way to show how committed you are to achieving the goals of the company. When it’s time to dole out the promotions, your name will be among the first mentioned.

Sit Down and Have a Talk with Your Boss

You must take the initiative to have an important, straightforward discussion regarding your career advancement with your boss. You have to be your own best advocate. You should emphasize your desire to meet the firm’s objectives as well as your own individual ones.

Look for a trusted mentor and counselor for career guidance, either inside or outside the company; research confirms that they have an impact on a lot of promotions.

Build On Your Social Skills

You must make an effort to build up your social skills like being outgoing and forthcoming. Additionally, being a powerful and clear communicator with exceptional listening skills plays an important part in gaining the respect of your colleagues and boss as well. Having these skills help you in promoting yourself and advertising your abilities by making people aware of your skills on the job and your achievements.

When it comes to career opportunities, only one person can create them – you.

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