What a Career Test Can Do For You

By ciqmanager / September 8, 2010

By Victor Ghebre

If you are not sure what you are interested in and what career path to choose, you’d find a career test especially useful, as it probes into your thoughts and reveals what you are interested in doing with your life and career.

ticks-and-crossesWhat is this Test?

A career test, also known as career aptitude test, career assessment or career quiz, is a test designed to help you understand what career opportunities would be best for you. It takes into account several aspects such as your personality, interests, IQ, skill set, aptitude etc. and lets you know what kind of a career would be best suited for you.

There are several kinds of career tests, such as the aptitude test that gauges your innate skills, the personality test that measures your pattern of thoughts, feelings and behavior, and the IQ test that will look at your ability to solve problems, reason, plan, and think abstractly.

Who Will It Help?

A career test is extremely beneficial for many people. Whether you are looking for ideas for a new career, or you want to find out what career you are passionate about, this test will help you understand that. Sometimes, you may lose sight of what direction you are headed in your career or you may be stuck in a rut and not know what move to make next.

Taking this test might be useful in figuring out where you are going and what you need to do to get there. This career assessment is also helpful if you are burnt out in your current job or you are dissatisfied with your position or job responsibilities. Apart from shedding light on the reason for your dissatisfaction, it can also suggest alternatives that will help you counter this burning out syndrome.

What does This Test Measure?

A career test usually does a comprehensive analysis on several aspects that are related to your job. Among them are your work tendencies, work preferences, desirable characteristics and traits related to your job, how you relate to people in your team, and your interpersonal skills.

Once you have a complete analysis on these points, you are in a better position to assess the situation you are in and take the necessary steps to counter them, making yourself a more productive and happier employee.

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